Monday, January 10, 2011

Campout on the 28th/29th

The plan:

Once we get to camp get the boys to make some camp gadgets by splicing some logs together. (3 of them will make a tripod to attach a pole to raise the flag on, while the other 3 will make a tripod to hang a pot from to boil water over the fire)

Each boy will be challenged to light a fire using 3 different techniques.

Boys cook dinner and clean up.

In the morning cook breakfast and clean up.

Perform a 1 mile orienteering course with compasses.

Identify 10 plants while on the hike.

Eat lunch and pack up camp.

Drive home.

Here is a link to the packing list if you need it.

We will be having a pack check the Wednesday before the campout. We will also be preparing as much of the food as we can after the pack check.