Sunday, August 29, 2010


The Sam Houston Area Council (SHAC) JAM is coming up on Saturday October 9th/10th. This should be a really fun campout for the boys (and probably the leaders too). There are going to be a ton of great activities for the boys (and the leaders!) and it will definitely be a memorable experience.
SHAC JAM is actually the 8th-10th, but the 11 year old scouts can't go on a multi-night campout, so that is why we are going up on the 9th.

I am aware that several boys are going to have football games the saturday that we are planning on going up. My plan right now is to have two different times that our scouts are going to leave. The first car/truck would leave Saturday morning, while the second ride would leave Saturday afternoon after all of the football games have finished. The details of these rides still need to be worked out.

Here is a link to the SHAC JAM home page:

Over the next several weeks I am planning on taking 10-15 minutes during the Wednesday scout meetings and working on scout skills that will help the boys do well at any of the competitions that they would like to do at the campout.

please let me know if any of you have any questions.

Friday, August 13, 2010

More Details on the Campout

We are planning on meeting at the church at 6:00 pm.  Ivan is trying to get the camping permit for the Bay Area park, but if that doesn't work out in the next few days we are going to go to Galveston State Park.

One of the requirements for Tenderfoot is to have a Pack Check before a campout.  So I apologize for the short notice but we would like to do a Pack Check this Wednesday at the church at 7:00pm.  the boys should pack their gear as if they were going on the campout.  They also need to be in full uniform (or as much as a uniform as they have right now) I don't expect the whole uniform, but it would be good to at least have the scout shirt.

Below is a general pack list.  This is just a suggestion you can add or subtract as you deem necessary.  For a one night camp out most of this is probably unnecessary and overkill, but it's always good to be prepared.

   Tent (should be shared with at least 1 other scout, to be arranged at Pack Check)
   Backpack/Duffle Bag
   Water Bottle
   Sleeping Bag (Wrapped in garbage bag)
   Flashlight, bulb, batteries
   Sleeping pad, pillow (if wanted)
   Cup, bowl, utensils
   Trail Food/ snacks
   Insect repellant
   3-4 Gallon sized Ziploc Bags

   Rain Jacket/Emergency Poncho
   Change of Pants
   Scout shirt

   Toothpaste, toothbrush
   small washcloth
   First aid kit  (leaders will have one if the scouts don't)
   Toilet paper

Optional Items:
   Matches/flint and steel

Things Provided by Scout Leaders:
   Cooking equipment
   Friday dinner, and Saturday Breakfast

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.
My email and cell number will be included in the email.  I generally don't post those online.

This will be a fun campout and I hope to make it enjoyable to the scouts.

Tom Booth


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Campout in August

Ivan and I just started planning on taking the troop camping. It will be the weekend of August 20-21.

We would leave friday night, campout, then break down camp saturday morning so we could make it to the swimming instructions that Brother Taylor offered to give us at UH. After that we'll come home.

Given the time constraints we were thinking about Galveston state park or somewhere close by.

Any recommendations would be welcomed. Just leave them in the comments or email either Ivan or myself.

I'll post a list of equipment that each boy should bring.

More details are forthcoming.....

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Activity Ideas

I just added the list of activity ideas that the boys came up with several months ago.

I haven't checked into it yet, but I would like to add a message board of some kind to the blog so everyone can add comments or suggestions to it.

Monday, July 26, 2010

First Blog

This is the first blog post of the Clear Lake 2nd Ward Scouts.

I am Tom Booth, the 11 year old scout leader, and i decided to start this blog in order to provide the parents with an easy to access website to view the calendar of what we will be doing while their boy are in our troop. This blog will be accessible by only the parents of the boys and the bishopric for security purposes.

My plans are to first create the calendar to organize what we will be doing every Wednesday night. This will also include the 3 campouts a year that we will be setting up. I would also post the ward Primary activities that involve the boys so we can see any conflicts.

Next I'll create a message board or comment section for ideas for scout activities or to better plan campout dates.

I would also like to make posts of the campouts or activities that we went on so the parents can see the fun that their boys are having.

I might even add a wiki that shows scouting basic skill (i.e. knot tying, first aid, etc.).

We'll see how this goes. It may be a total flop and nobody uses it or it may come in handy. Either way i'll give it shot and see how it goes.