Sunday, August 29, 2010


The Sam Houston Area Council (SHAC) JAM is coming up on Saturday October 9th/10th. This should be a really fun campout for the boys (and probably the leaders too). There are going to be a ton of great activities for the boys (and the leaders!) and it will definitely be a memorable experience.
SHAC JAM is actually the 8th-10th, but the 11 year old scouts can't go on a multi-night campout, so that is why we are going up on the 9th.

I am aware that several boys are going to have football games the saturday that we are planning on going up. My plan right now is to have two different times that our scouts are going to leave. The first car/truck would leave Saturday morning, while the second ride would leave Saturday afternoon after all of the football games have finished. The details of these rides still need to be worked out.

Here is a link to the SHAC JAM home page:

Over the next several weeks I am planning on taking 10-15 minutes during the Wednesday scout meetings and working on scout skills that will help the boys do well at any of the competitions that they would like to do at the campout.

please let me know if any of you have any questions.

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